Film collection of The National Film Archives consists of two parts: National collection of domestic action and documentary short movies and film materials and collection of foreign action film of total length of 1.000.000 meters. Those are original materials of 40 domestic action films, audio copies of 1000 films amongst which first short film "Love in Sarajevo" filmed in 1936 by Nikola Drakulić and Edo Ljubić.
  National collection is enriched by film structure, synopsis, scenarios, books of shooting, dialogue and title lists, and especially precious are the photos from the films, working photos from preparations and shooting films, albums, catalogues, and complete fund of sticklers of all Bosnian and Herzegovinian films. The collection of foreign films is enriched with 5.553 different sticklers, also photos and catalogues, and great fund of 2.116 different film titles on VHS.This is what makes this collection so interesting.
The collection of film database on DVD has started already and it is getting bigger from one day to another.

  They issue its research and development, and professional works in own publications, books and magazines. They are successfully organizing seminars, public discussions, consultations, professional and scientific conferences and small film schools for youth education. Alongside regular film programs they show films with the goal of film culture spreading in other cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Usage and presentation of database is done with projections, exhibitions, using film library. There is a possibility of using films on VHS from film art history in educational, science and research purposes. Very nice and technically equipped conference rooms can be used for seminars and other gatherings, performances etc.