From 23rd March of 2010 until 26th March 2010 in the National Film Archie of Bosnia and Herzegovina there will be held manifestation The Week of French Film, the program will consist of: LOLA, the director: Jacques Demy, THE EXE, Coste Gavrasa, MY NEIGHBORS ,Malika Chibanea,OVER THE SEA, Elizabth Leuvrey and the program of documentary film: SNAIL, THE PALACE OF OTHER PEOPLE, MARCH MART ANONYMITY, PROCES,
  Days of BiH Film in Zagreb  
From 24th to 29th November 2009, for the second time Zagreb will be host of manifestation Days of BiH Film. This big manifestation is organized with the help of Council of Bosnjacke National Minority and The National Film Archive from Sarajevo and production house Refresh Production, Forum, Dokument and Ministry of culture and sport of Canton Sarajevo and City Office for
education, culture and sport of City of Zagreb. At the manifestation there were projection of movies and documentaries from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
At the World Exhibition ECPO 2010 that will be held in Shanghai, China from 1st May until 13 October this year, at which more than 240 countries will take part, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina together with The National Film Archive and producers Film Center and Forum from Sarajevo, will present Bosnian films: Valter brani Sarajevo, Sutjeska, Bitka na Neretvi,Kozara I Dom za Vjesanje. The aim of this is promotion cultural creation of films as our best brand.
  The Sarajevo School of documentary film in Oberhausen  
From 3 to 5th May 2009 at 55 International Festival of Short Film in Oberhauzen, the program of "Sarajevo School of documentary film" was shown. Those are films that are created in seventies and eighties last century with specific point of view on reality of socialist society of that era. Little" man, his life problems, and his attempts as a team of films which have with its atmosphere gain

sympathies of audience. "In first all night program following films were shown: FASADE, director Suada Mrkonjića, STANARSKO PRAVO LAGUMAŠA SAFERA, Petra Ljubojeva, HOP JAN, Vlatka Filipovića, CARSKI DAN, Milutina Kosovca, NA OBJEDU, Vefika Hadžismajlovića, PENJAĆI, Ranka Stanišića, U KAFANI, Vefika  Hadžismajlovića,  JEDAN DAN RAJKA MAKSIMA, Zlatka Lavanića. Second day following films were shown: ĐACI PJEŠACI, SANJARI, UGLJARI and DVA ZAKONA Vefika Hadžismajlovića,  SLJEME ZA TLJEME, Midhata Mutapčića, ĐURĐA,Mirze Idrizovića i  MISIJA ISMETA KOZICE, Petra Ljubojeva. Last day as well as last two days in full auditorium audience has chance to see films:  U ZAVJETRINI VREMENA, Vlatka Filipovića, NADA, Midhata Mutapčića, ANA Mirjane Zopranović, KASABE , Mirze Idrizovića ans ŠOU BIZNIS, Zlatka Lavanića. After the program directors Vlatko Filipović and Vefik Hadžismajlović had discussion with audience.

  Exhibition of posters in Den Hag  

In Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Den Hag on 6th May 2009 exhibition of posters of BH movies was open. Exhibition has open her Excellency the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Netherlands Miranda Sidran- Kamišalić in behalf of The National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Delveta Filipovic, the head of the National Film Archive of Bosnia and

Herzegovina, has introduced visitors with exhibition posters as permanent exhibition. Exhibition has 25 posters from different periods form 1955 with film HANKA, from director Slavke Vorkapića  to film 2009 SNIJEG, from director  Aide Begić.

The National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina has good and quality equipped film depot, were can be storage films and film materials. We kindly ask all patrons of art of film if they have films, posters, photos, cameras, magnet recorder, or other film requisites to donate it to our archive, and in that way increase the historical value of our archive.


Ministry for Education of Canton Sarajevo in cooperation with Educational Institute of Canton and The National Film Archives of BH in Sarajevo organized film program for educational purposes of youth in film art. Films were made for pupils of primary and secondary schools. 23 projections in total were realized in April and May 2008 in cooperation with schools.
  Reconstruction of Films  

During 2008 The National Film Archive of BiH started with realization of project of restoration of old films from 60's of last century, in corporation with UNESKO and National Film Archive from Prague, Czech Republic. These important donations are used for restoration original materials of films "Mali vojnici" directed by Bahrudina Bate Čangića and "Hanka" directed by Slavke Vorkapića.